MATT BAKER is an industrial technician & designer with 20 yrs of professional hands-on practice. He has been involved with all stages of prototyping and marketing new products.

He has worked directly towards energy conservation by fabricating and testing product concepts ranging from bicycles, architecture, and equipment aboard NASA spacecraft.

With a career based on environmental sustainability, Matt has provided many years of product development, technical support, and designs for manufacture.

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Thinking with my Hands is my favorite way to work.

With most projects I First Create Order… Decisions about how things are put together have to be made. Designers are expected to also have taste, tact, & I like to believe I have a bit of an edge concerning emotional design of objects while making life better using the existing materials and technology available today.

Educated in Architectural Design Thinking, & Industrial Technology, but schooled by years of daily practice.


Design Thinking, Emotional Design, Fabricating from Ideas & Sketches to Working Prototypes.

Refurbishment, Innovation, & Technical Support.

Recycling, Material Reuse, Conservation & Renewable Energy Centered, Appropriate Design & Development, Sketching, Drafting, Human Powered Devices, Interior Design, Furniture.

2d drawing/sketching, 3D computer modeling and Rendering, 4D being Time in Video, 5D Designing for Human Factors such as Ergonomics & making day to day Objects, Architecture & Technology Approachable, Sustainable & Easier to use.