Thinking with my Hands is my favorite way to work.

With most projects I First Create Order…The process is messy, but there are many fundamental rules I have learned to follow. Decisions about how things are put together have to be made. Designers are expected to also have taste, tact, & I like to believe I have a bit of an edge concerning how to make life better with the materials, & stuff we have available today.

Educated in Architectural Design Thinking, & Industrial Technology, but schooled by years of daily practice.


Design Thinking, Fabricating from Ideas & Sketches to Working Prototypes.

Refurbishment, Innovation, & Technical Support.

Recycling, Material Reuse, Conservation & Renewable Energy Centered, Appropriate Design & Development, Sketching, Drafting, Human Powered Devices, Interior Design, Furniture.

2d drawing/sketching, 3D computer modeling and Rendering, 4D being Time in Video, 5D Designing for Human Factors such as Ergonomics & making day to day Objects, Architecture & Technology Approachable, Sustainable & Easier to use.